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My Favorite Alaska RV Motorhome Trip

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Where we went; Denali National Park, Alaska

What we saw; Along the way we saw moose (ho-hum for us Alaskans as we see dozens of moose in Anchorage every year), and then when we arrived, we saw brown bear, caribou, porcupine, wolf and other critters The scenery was stunning. On a rare clear day we saw the top of the mountain, on a cloudy day we saw an abundance of animals. 

What we did; I also recommend a raft trip or float trip. This will be an adventure you will never forget. You will see goats and possibly other animals on this trip. It is exciting and exhilarating from the moment they dress you in full rain gear to listening to the guides explain how to shift your body from one side to the other, to the calm waters floating by the sheep looking down at us to the exit yup the ramp. The float trip will be much more serene version of the above. 

We participated in wonderful hiking opportunities and ate lots of blueberries, but be aware, you are in brown bear country. Bears love the multiple blue berry patches and fish in the streams. Make lots of noise while hiking and consider purchasing some bear spray at Walmart or and Alaskan sports store before your trip.

Notes: When we plan a RV Motorhome trip to Denali national park we generally like to spend at least 2 nights to 4 nights at Denali. Try to plan months in advance as Rv parking spots and Bus passes sell out during peak season.

We like to park the RV at Riley Creek campground and then walk over to the bus stop and take a bus to one of the available destination stops. Make sure your party is able and willing to follow the guides instructions.

There is good food available at the various cafeteria style vendors and other accommodations. The Riley creek store has basic grocery items also. They also have a working shower for a nominal fee. The RV dump and fresh water are free to use.

Airlines will not allow any bear spray on airlines so plan on purchasing in Anchorage before you leave. Read the directions and practice using the bear spray before you hike so it is ready to go if ever needed.

Please note that i have lived in Alaska since 1981 and have never had to use bear spray or my personal 44 Magnum handgun for any bear encounter.

Be safe and have fun in Picturesque Alaska where every stop is a scenic stop. 

Oh yeah, Don't pet the bears... :-)

Tom Janezich

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